Gold Membership

Membership Duration: 25 years

Nominees: 3 (maximum)

Membership Inclusion:

•     Membership cards will be issued to the Member, Spouse and Children up to the age 21 years.
•     Direct access to all OPAL Clubs.
•     The membership tenure is 25 years & will have the transferable facility after a locking period of 5
•     Members can use all affiliated clubs & franchisee clubs.
•     Free one Golf Kit for the Golf Member.
•     Members can avail free stay for 2 nights-3 days every year for first ten years, thereafter 40%
      discount on rack rate.
•     Free Golf Training and Certification by certified golf coach.
•     Free gaming vouchers worth Rs.2000 every year for first 3 years. (All vouchers issued will be valid
      for a year from the date of issue).
•     Free Spa voucher worth Rs.10,000/- (can be redeemed within 3 years of the membership)
•     Free virtual Golf.
•     Free Gym for 5 years; Rest 40% discount till the expiry of membership
•     Free access to swimming-pool.
•     Every year 2 kitty parties free for the members for first 5 years with complimentary soft - drinks and 1
      snack. (Maximum limit 15 guests for free entry).
•     Every year 1 birthday party free for maximum 2 kids of member at club lounge with unlimited free
      games for 2 hours for first 5 years (of membership) with welcome drink. (Maximum 20 kids entitled
      for free gaming).
•     Free Exclusive movie show for members’ family only once a year for first 5 years of membership.
      (Complimentary snacks and soft-drinks)
•     Free consultancy for any event from Purple Event Company for first 5 years.
•     30% Discount on Indus Dining.( Special offer for first year 40% discount on Indus)
•     20% discount on Spa,
•     40% discount on Banquet Hall Rent owned by OPAL club.
•     20% discount on Pro Shop.