Senior Citizen Membership

Membership Duration: Life Time

Nominee: One (1)

Membership Inclusion:

•     Membership cards will be issued to the Member and Spouse.
•     Direct access to all OPAL Clubs.
•     Members can avail free stay for 1 night/2Days every year for initial 5 years.
•     Members can use free Club venues once a year (maximum up to 15 guests).
•     Members can use exclusive Theatre facility for their Guests once a year.
•     Free usage of swimming pool.
•     Free gym for 1st year & rest 40% discount on gym rates.
•     30% Discount on Indus Dining. ( Special offer for first year 40% discount on Indus)
•     20% discount on Spa.
•     20% discount on Pro Shop.
•     AMC as applicable @ Rs. 1500 per year.